I am an amateur photographer. Photography is my passion. My main passion lies in street, documentary and travel photography. I love to photograph different people, places, culture and streets. However, my common aim is always the same - to capture the human element.

I believe that Gear is important but Vision and Expression are more important in photography. For me photography is the visual expression of my feelings at a particular moment of time.

I'm not so good at speaking and writing. I can't express myself well in words. In my childhood I was fond of painting. Later on I became passionate about photography. It is the visual language which has always been my mode of expression. But during my days with painting, I wasn't really happy with my visual expression. Later I realized, I wasn't really able to connect with my subject. The human connection was missing. May be, search for this missing link brought me into photography.

By profession, I'm an engineer and I find little time to enjoy my passion for photography. I know this is not a good excuse. However, as of now, I'm learning to 'See' and 'Express' my vision through my own visual language. I'm loving the journey and I always want to remain a student of Photography.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for visiting my site. I believe that in each photograph at least two people are present – the maker and the viewer. That's You and I. I've shared some of my photographs in my portfolio. Now it's your turn. Please take your time and visit the galleries. Hope you'll enjoy the photographs. It will be of immense pleasure if you leave your guestbook entry to let me know your views / reflections.

Thank You,
Saumalya Ghosh

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