Hi, I came across your work through a picture captioned 'people indulge in a game or two of chess under the Gariahat flyover in the newindianexpress nov 11,2018 in the article Kolkata kaleidoscope. I was simply blown away by the everyday-ness of the phot and had to find you. Your pictures are amazing. Thank you for capturing them and publishing them for us to see and enjoy.
Gert Jan(non-registered)
I just love your gallery! Great street photography I would say!
Soumi Poddar(non-registered)
sourav kundu(non-registered)
khub sundor picture dada chow nach er story ta besh valo.
Joan maher(non-registered)
I enjoyed a holiday in your country and it was one of the best experiences of my life , now I have to write a piece on a well known photographer for a camera course I am doing. I came across your photos when looking for a photographer I liked, and couldn't stop admiring your photos took me back to my holiday I could almost sense being back there .the long and the. Short of it is I have chosen you and hope you don't mind me using 2 of your photos to illustrate my essay.
Margaret Swan(non-registered)
Wish I could see the colourful streets and street life that you capture - thank you for your beautiful photographs, which almost feel as if I am really there!
Paulomi Chatterjee(non-registered)
Very Good collection. Got some inspirations. Thanks
Saikat Mukhopadhyay(non-registered)
Oree.. chobi gulo fatafati!!!
Soumok Basu(non-registered)
Photography unplugged.....Heart touching !!!
Ajeeth boaz(non-registered)
Amazingly portrayed streets and events of India...
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